Sunday, May 6, 2012

The San Diego Zoo

In this blog, I will be focusing the spotlight on one of the most impressive zoos in the country, the San Diego Zoo on Twitter. This incredible zoo, located in Balboa Park, California, is one of the largest in the United States, spanning over 100 acres and featuring more than 4000 animal species. The zoo finds its roots in the efforts of Dr. Harry Wegeforth, the founder in 1916 and visionary for the development of innovative, cage-less exhibits. The zoo features plant and habitat material from tropical Africa, South America, and China (bamboo), a Skyfari gondola, and a giant panda exhibit (one of only four zoos in the country with this species) link. Despite the range of perspectives and opinions on primates in captivity, the zoo features many primates, including a leading-edge orangutan and siamang exhibit of over 8,000 square feet. The primate keepers do some interesting things from an enrichment perspective, including hiding food items in a fake termite mound, reflecting some of what these primates do in the wild. I present this zoo not to dive into an academic or political debate, but to highlight a leading zoo institution in the country, and the ability for all readers to visit the zoo and take part in some of what it has to offer. Please see below for more reading, including some of the on-going conversation outreach programs by the zoo society. 
 Please click the link to view the Live Ape Camera! Its a must! 

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