Monday, May 7, 2012

Experimental Format - Day in the Life of a Primate

Ever wonder what a captive (or even wild primate) does all day? Take a second and try guessing (before scrolling down)? Probably the activities that instantly come to mind are sleeping, eating, and maybe playing. Obviously, there are some significant differences across species as well as some important dependencies based on the size and composition of the group of primate. However, this custom illustration is intended to provide a bit more detail about the "day in the life" of a primate. 

As it is shown, primates have a wide range of behavioral activities to keep them busy during the day. Some primate behavioral research seeks to understand how various factors influence the established mix of activities. For example, how is the mix of activities of the dominant male altered by diet or novel weather patterns? Mating (purposely not shown above) is particularly difficult to understand and quantify, especially in the context of captivity. Some institutions struggle to identify success factors for mating/reproduction that could potentially lead to improved success rates. Hopefully, this is an interesting view, and thought-provoking to compare the primate range of activities to our own across any given day. 

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