Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So what… I live a double life!

At first glance, I could be perceived as the typical California girl based on my love for abundant sunshine, every shade of pink, and carefree driving habits. My previous experience as an NFL cheerleader, once dancing on the 50-yard line during the Superbowl, only adds to this image. However, all things considered, I prefer to get my hands dirty, particularly with my strong Passion for Primates and ways in which the broader public can become more educated on their importance. 

A broad variety of non-human primate diseases are transmissible to humans, a face mask is required when in close range with nay primates  

I intend to leverage this opportunity and this space to speak for those without a voice, the silent observers and in some cases victims that unwillingly dedicate their lives to prolonging our own. And yet, we destroy their habitats, poach their young, and confine various species for entertainment purposes. At the same time, researchers around the world are dedicating time and effort towards endangered species protection, habitat preservation, piloting enrichment programs, and most recently making headlines, reducing unnecessary medical experimentation.

Throughout this blog, I will engage with a number of relevant topics relating to primates in a fair and balanced manner (heartbreak versus heartfelt). I will present these topics in the context of current news, my previous experiences, and perspectives from prominent thinkers across zoology, anthropology, and animal sciences, including from renowned government institutions (ex: National Institutes of Health). Within each of my weekly posting, I will discuss all topics such as the distinction between animal rights versus animal welfare, primates as pets, primates and global warning, and modern film’s portrayal of primates.

My ultimate goal is for readers to gain a better understanding of primates in general and the ways in which they help us on a daily basis (sometimes unknown to us all). So, please join me next week as we discuss captivity and primates in your local zoo.