Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monkey Poetry

Monkey Poetry 
Style: Haiku 
Writer: Jennifer 
Source: Hi! Monkey.net

The monkey will type Shakespeare.
Hi! Monkey! dot net.

I have selected to comment this haiku poem because it is striking (as it relates to primates and intelligence). For some background, a haiku is a form of poetry popularized by Japanese writers, featuring a short, cutting style with a 5-7-5 arrangement of syllables (...not exactly syllables, but really distinct phonetic sounds). Regardless, this haiku by Jennifer is very interesting because it captures the spirit of the primate (seemingly jumpy and energetic) with a highly conceptual theory. The theory associated with typing Shakespeare is called the "infinite monkey theorem". This theory states that given enough time ("eventually" from the haiku), a monkey could reproduce a text from William Shakespeare. This theory assumes that a monkey typing on a keyboard is the equivalent to random typing, and a mathematical formula shows that with enough time, the combinations will provide something extraordinary. This theory made news last September as a software developer is putting the theory to the test, Digital monkeys with typewriters recreate Shakespeare(CNN.com). Finally, the writer closes by including the website link of the poem in the haiku itself (which I find silly, but very clever). 

For more interesting Non-Fiction Primates Tales, please visit : http://www.pacificprimate.org/stories.htm

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